ex-ORL people

Where are they now?

These are the ex-lab people who have (so far) asked for their details to be listed.
 Mike AddleseeMore information
 Suat AyozEmail: sa335 cam.ac.uk
Status: Ph.D. student at CUED
 Dave BerryEmail: djb dave-berry.co.uk
Skills: IT Systems Administrator
Status: Available for work
 Martin BrownEmail: mgbrown cotares.com
More information
 David ClarkeWeb page: here
CV: here
Skills: Embedded hardware and software Engineer
Status: working on a new project
 Glen ClaytonEmail: glenclaytonxorl hotmail.com
Status: contracting for a few months
More information
 Rupert CurwenEmail: rupert curwen.info
Status: Watch this space
 Phil EndecottWeb page: here
Email: see http://chezphil.org/email/genemail.cgi
Status: Going to go round the world before looking for a job
 Andy FisherEmail: andy_xatt howitworks.co.uk
 Gray GirlingWeb page: here
CV: here
Email: Gray TheGirlings.freeserve.co.uk
Skills: distributed systems engineer/security researcher/embedded systems designer
Status: Working for GlobespanVirata
 Sharon GrantEmail: sgrant maroc.idps.co.uk
Skills: purchasing manager with 11 years experience; HR manager with 3 years generalist experience
Status: Looking for work
 Duncan GrisbyWeb page: here
CV: here
Email: duncan grisby.org
Skills: Software developer (C++/CORBA)
Status: Interested in contract offers
 Andy HarterEmail: ach3 cam.ac.uk
More information
 Steve HodgesWeb page: here
 Nick HollinghurstWeb page: here
More information
 Andy HopperWeb page: here
Email: ah12 cam.ac.uk
 David IngramWeb page: here
CV: here
Email: dmi1000 cam.ac.uk
Status: Research Associate at Cambridge University Computer Lab
 Laura JamesEmail: lbj cantab.net
Status: Just started PhD (photonic communications) at Cambridge
More information
 Alan JonesEmail: ahjones ntlworld.com
More information
 Ian LuffEmail: ianluff thebu.fsnet.co.uk
Skills: Systems and Network Administration, IT Management, Security
Status: Interesting opportunities considered, not restricted to the above
 William LuptonEmail: wfl cantab.net
Status: Working for GlobespanVirata
More information
 Glenford MappEmail: gsmapp ntlworld.com
Skills: Software engineer
Status: Looking for short-term work
 Aideen McConvilleEmail: aideen ukgateway.net
Skills: Systems Administrator
Status: Having a short break (May 2002). Interesting part-time work considered.
 Tim MillsWeb page: here
CV: here
Email: timothyjmills hotmail.com
Skills: Software engineer (C++ Win32/Unix)
Status: Working for CBCU
 Joseph NewmanEmail: j.f.newman.95 cantab.net
Skills: Research Engineer
More information
 Paul OsbornEmail: POsborn sluggy.net
Skills: Embedded Systems Engineer
Status: Working at Alphamosaic
 Steve PlattEmail: g4wsz amsat.org
Skills: Systems Administrator
Status: Available for work
 Steve PopeEmail: steve oxford-pope.org.uk
More information
 Dickon ReedWeb page: here
CV: here
Email: Dickon cantab.net
Status: Working at Nexwave Solutions UK
 Tristan RichardsonEmail: tjr cantab.net
More information
 Derek RobertsEmail: xorl camroberts.org.uk
More information
 Daisy SadleirEmail: daisy_sadleir yahoo.co.uk
 Dave ScottWeb page: here
Email: djs55 cam.ac.uk
 Quentin Stafford-FraserWeb page: here
Email: quentin pobox.com
Status: Available for consulting as Telemarq Ltd
More information
 Frank StajanoWeb page: here
Email: fms27 cam.ac.uk
Skills: Security, software engineering, scripting. Also, writing and public speaking.
Status: University lecturer at Cambridge. Available for consultancy.
 Pete StegglesEmail: peter_steggles hotmail.com
 Andy WardEmail: award cantab.net
More information
 Paul WebsterCV: here
Email: pwebster ntlworld.com
 James WeatherallWeb page: here
CV: here
Email: james.weatherall spineless.org.uk
 Maurice WilkesEmail: maurice.wilkes cl.cam.ac.uk
More information
 Ken WoodWeb page: here
Email: krw post.harvard.edu
More information
 Tammy WoodsCV: here
Email: tammywoods01 hotmail.com
Skills: Administration
Status: Available for work